About Bah Bolon River


In antiquity, some local people believe that the Bah Bolon river there are crocodiles and white, so the river is considered dangerous. In addition, this river is called the king’s bathhouse. In one of the Bah Bolon river there is the tomb of a child believed to be the king. Son of the king is reported to have died due to drowning and floating on the Bah Bolon river.

Bah Bolon river flowing through the city not only, but also through the plantation area. Various government-owned companies and private plantations occupy thousands of hectares of land in the District Simalungun. Currently, most areas are planted with oil palm plantations. Some of the other planted rubber and cocoa.

Bah Bolon river located in Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra Province. Pematangsiantar River passing through the city has an area that is not necessarily, sometimes wide and narrow in one place elsewhere. Swift currents and water depth also varies from one place to another. Surely we already know the Bah Bolon river.

Bah Bolon river is currently used by residents as a source of agricultural irrigation. A number of residents berternak fish by creating pools of fish in the river bank. In addition, some residents use the Bah Bolon river as a source of drinking water and to wash clothes. This river is also one tourist attraction for local residents to spend time fishing and bathing. In the video coverage Gobatak this time is the condition Bah Bolon river flowing in the middle of town Pematangsiantar


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