American citizen-Mark Players Hacapi, along Marsius Sitohang Music Group


The name of this group is MARSIUS Sitohang inventor Toba Batak traditional music group. Marsius Sitohang a lecturer at North Sumatra University (USU) who teaches the art of music. Among the personnel of the Group Marsius Sitohang is an American citizen named Mark Sitohang. Where previously been given clan and married Sitohang Boru Simanjuntak Batak clan and lived in Medan. Mark Sitohang had learned traditional music for five years with Marsius Sitohang.

Currently Mark Sitohang can already mastered the instrument like a flute Toba Batak, Sarune Bolon and Hacapi. This traditional music group also had a concert tour to several cities in Europe. In a show at this stage they are trying to bring some games in collaboration with the sound of traditional music (songs). Opportunities they offer in an event Gebyar Toba Lake Toba Festival 2009 years ago.

In this video coverage of their collaboration to bring music and sound performances, see the following video:

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