Tuktuk, Tool to refine Daun Sirih (Demban)


It is used to smooth Tuktuk Daun sirih (demban) by the grandmother (oppung Boru) who can not chew properly or do not have teeth. In the Toba Batak language called Tuktuk, and DudaDuda Simalungun language. Daun Sirih (demban) consisting of daun sirih, kapur sirih, pining (pinning), gambir, inserted into the tube and then crushed using an iron rod tool as shown in the picture.

Daun Sirih (demban) that have been pounded smooth by the new can of chewing grandmother (oppung Boru) easily.

Tuktuk or Dudaduda is usually made from buffalo horn or copper which is formed in such a way with different styles hand carved out of the tool. This tool we can get on the market (traditional) / specific Onan. And have very rarely seen this tool which has been used tens or even hundreds of years.

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