The Batak people say the fruit of this plant can cure some disease, what disease


Do you know this one plant! They said that this plant can cure some diseases. From the shape is almost similar to Rimbang. Leaves, fruits and tree almost the same, is not it?! Team gobatak find this plant in the area Limbong, in the village of Sosor Nangka, Sub Sianjur Mulamula few days ago. Inggir Inggir’s name for this plant.

Inggir Inggir is not spiked, green leaf and fruit color has a different color difference. If the fruit is ripe will be colored red.
There are several diseases that can be treated by consuming this fruit inggir Inggir. Batak people believe that this ingir Inggir can cure the disease of high blood pressure, and abdominal pain. In addition to curing some diseases inggir inggir this fruit can also increases the appetite.

Inggir inggir fruit consumed by eating only raw fruit or green colored only. What about the taste of this fruit inggir inggir? Yes, it’s not so good on the tongue, very bitter taste.

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