Batak young, the brave passengers


Of course this activity should not be imitated, because very dangerous. But this is everyday life like the youth in Samosir Island. They are students studying to achieve the highest ideals. They also face this every day activities, dependent and sat roof of the bus they were traveling. Surely we do not know whether the transport on the island of Samosir is currently very limited, or perhaps this is one of joy for those who want to sit on the bus or hanging.

Bus passengers valiantly, perhaps for now we call them that because this event always happens when they want to go to school, and also when school is completed return to their homes. However, this activity should not happen again. It has become tradition, there is a sense of pride and a tremendous pleasure to be brave passenger bus.

What do you think about this activity. In the video of this coverage, see the atmosphere how they (students) are very happy and enjoying the beautiful scenery in the area of the island of Samosir from the bus roof.


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