Tutu Panutuan tools for your kitchen spice


Panutuan and Tutu is a tool for grinding spices. Panutuan and Tutu is made of stone or wood. Panutuan is the place where the flavor will be rolled, while Tutu is a stone or wood, spice grinder. Tutu is named also Papene. Panutuan and Tutu size varies from small to large sizes, where the device is used according to need. However, when this is very rarely used for grinding spices, as the incline of Technologi had a lot of people turn to a more practical and efficient. With these sophisticated tools can save time and effort to produce the flavor that will be mashed.

Herbs and spices are also now there are fast and very easy to get it. But we should remember the results of grinding spices with traditional equipment is very different taste and texture of ingredients produced by traditional means. Herbs and spices that can be mashed up with this tool, among others, chili, andaliman, walnut, down, ginger, turmeric, nuts, pepper, pepper and others. Are these traditional tools still have our kitchen?

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