Simarjarunjung mountain, The other side views of Lake Toba


Visit Huta – Simalungun, Located 49 km from Pematang Siantar or 123 km from Medan via Berastagi and can be reached by public transport. A good road conditions. But this time we passed the road is not so good, many roads are not paved and hollow. Our journey together Novels Simbolon, Ranie Agustina Haloho, and Audi Tambunan Hasian riding a motorcycle towards Dolok Simarjarunjung.

Simarjarunjung, a mountainous area on the shores of Lake Toba, a climate / cold fresh. This is an ideal tourist destination and many domestic and international tourists visit this place. From the top Simarjarunjung we can see the beautiful panorama around Lake Toba, especially when the sun rises in the morning. Simarjarunjung located in the middle of the road between Parapat toward Sipiso Piso waterfall.

Beautiful scenery when we were on top Dolok Simarjarunjung, and there are TVRI owned national television broadcasting relay stations, which broadcast the event TVRI (national television broadcasting of the Republic of Indonesia) is beloved to all regions in North Sumatra. And also adjacent to the telecommunications tower owned by Telkom Indonesia. If our attention from building assets owned national television broadcasting station has been quite apprehensive TVRI alias no longer maintained. Unlike the telecommunication towers from Telkom Indonesia is quite different, clean and friendly.


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