Experience we got the ticket from the traffic officer


This valuable experience should be an example not to be imitated. This incident at the time of the tour to tour Huta Simalungun few days ago for two days. We use a second motorcycle to depart from Huta Pematangsiantar HutaPurba, journey through the streets DolokSaribu approximately 15 minutes from there raid Pematangsiantar traffic. We use a motorcycle officer stopped by traffic police then asked the completeness of the letters of the vehicle. Completeness of the letters is no problem when the vehicle inspected traffic officers, only a minor violation is one among us was not wearing a helmet.

With heavy hearts and accept the mistakes we did then, we got the ticket from the traffic officer by reason of not using safety equipment when riding a motorcycle. From the above we recommend the experience to friends complied with all rules of riding a motorcycle while traveling long distance or short distance. Videotapes following are the ticket when the event driven Novel Simbolon with Panda Sidabutar.


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