About Atirongga, traditional cosmetics ingredients


Atirongga is one of the basic ingredients of cosmetics or makeup materials traditionally used in children or women Batak – generally in antiquity. From here we clearly see that the Batak are also used to be smart and elegant decorating herself. Can we imagine that the first Batak women, who will be married on Batak traditional party, a day or several days before it is definitely dressed herself as pretty as possible. Decorate your nails or often we call with nail polish, leaves Atirongga, material that makes your nails will have a unique color with a fine after we milled and then we apply what we want the entire nail.

Atirongga is an easy crop to grow in the yard of the house, usually thrives on rainwater spills from roof gutters or edge that has a lot of water content. And its unique color materials are also produced from this Atirongga durable and will not easily fade.

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