Gobatak.com with new hosting for 2 years


After nearly five years using a personal hosting-IXwebhosting based in the United States, with increasing number of visitors every year, always having some trouble “Can not conect to the server host” and “server down”. Finally, after some suggestions and discussion and cooperation, parhobas team decided to move the hosting server that can accommodate without limit as long as two years. IPower is a web hosting company which is also based in the United States has become parhobas team selection as a hosting server that is used.

Hopefully in the future can cope with the purposes of hosting and bandwidth availability for service Gobatak [dot] com. Parhobas team also say a special thank you toYetty Aritonang which supports procurement of new Hosting, Benny Sigalingging as the founder Gobatak [dot] com as well as the single support for the establishment of service gobatak [dot] com, and the IT team gobatak Duaon Simandalahi and Christian Natal Sidabutar support activities gobatak [dot] com as a web expert team engineer. Horas Parhobas Gobatak.

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