Fruit trees galagala sirumondang ni bulan


Galagala is a type of tree that has fruit garnish. Mate digalagala, = mate di holangholang, died on the battlefield as a spectator (because it should not be rewarded revenge his death). Galagala is a kind of therapeutic material is swollen, but we have is not knowing the resources which parts of the tree this galagala becoming the drugs. Fruit Galagala one source of animal fodder trees, monkeys (bodat).

Galagala trees can we find around Tuktuk Samosir Island. Galagala the raw fruit is also believed the Batak people as an upset stomach. The smell, sour taste of fruit galagala if us apart. Name galagala also be called a village, such as Huta Galagala direction Huta Balige.

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