Tigor Situmorang pioneer of Composser Gondang Orchestra Visits Gobatak.com


Right at the Indonesian Independence day-65, Tigor Situmorang pioneer of Gondang Batak Orchestra visited Gobatak.com in Pematangsiantar. Situmorang Tigor was arrival this time to introduce the work of Tigor Situmorang about music Gondang orchestra. In our discussion with the team Gobatak.com-Panda, as the manager of gobatak.com many things that are presented Tigor Situmorang about his journey in creating his works more or less six months for Gondang Batak orchestra. Are two albums already released by Tigor Situmorang with exclusive cover.

Albums Gondang Orchestra to God and Gondang Christmas, where music and compossed Arranged by Tigor Situmorang Inticom and owner of Studio Recording. After the presentation of the work Tigor Situmorang, we also had lunch with an exclusive menu, yes ikan asin and sayur daun ubi tumbuk. Hope Good Works and success to Tigor Situmorang in the future.

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