Further About Culture Of Batak Weaving

More About Batak Weaving

Batak people of North Sumatra, has a history of weaving Ulos ni Tondi (Kain Soul) for ceremonial rituals that date back to the beginning of their history. Telling the Toba Batak myth that the lake is the center of Earth & Batak It was the first Human Heredity. The Toba Batak people live in Samosir Island, & around the Shores of Lake Toba.
More About Batak Weaving

Weaving is still an important part of life and imporant ways Batak. Traditional Toba Batak Ulos (cloth) is hand made in the tension of the body (back strap) loom using hand dyed yarn. Produce is often only one or two villages Ulos design, slight variations seen between the weavers. Some pieces have limited availability. Natural dyes are used in combination with commercial dyes. Twinning & Braiding special techniques used by the Batak. Women are traditional weavers, and help children and spooling twin. Ulos & ceremonial rituals have meaning and are used as Cain’s head, shoulders or hips. Batak people are proud and Cherish Ulos their own personal and weaving traditions.

Today you can see the amazing array of personal Ulos used in ceremonies and celebrations, or used as everyday carry fabrics and garments. Traditional and to this day Ulos is part of the family assests. Ulos Carried out and worn or displayed During the ceremony, are used as dowry items and exchanged During Ceremony. Family hobo heart keep your eye on what kind of clan who donated Ulos Ulos Specific and give back in exchange in a very formal, ritual ceremony set. as a family asset, this is the source Textiles sometimes sold to raise cash for education, funerals, weddings etc.

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  1. […] Batak Toba conventional home based on its operated can be differentiated into a home that used to shelter the household called ruma, and the home used as a storage (barn) is known as Sopo. The supplies include wood constructing with massive pillars and sturdy. The walls of the board or the aspect:, the floor can also be off the board whereas the roof of the fibers. Type the typical Batak Toba conventional homes is a type of a curved roof and the eaves of the front. Tweet Info Gobatak Lainnya:Agoaga! Batak Dan Toba Jadi Merek Produk AsingTata Cara Adat Batak TobaGotong Hats, Original Hats From Batak Simalungun, Why Be Batik?The Meaning Of Tortor For Batak TribeBatak People Form Toba Land always says Horas?Sibandang Island North SumateraTerima Kasih atas komentar anda tentang info diatas, kami akan tanggapi segera. Horas commentsPowered by Facebook Comments Posted by admin on Sep 28 2011. Filed under English. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry /* […]


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