Historic places in the Village Limbong, concerning beauty princess Limbong


Aek Tintin located in Huta Limbong district  Sianjurmulamula, Samosir. Aek Tintin is bathing water from a spring. This place really is not much in the news because Aek Tintin is bathhouse owned by Marga Limbong. If we know where Aek Sipitu Dai, approximately 300 yards from where Aek Sipitu Dai location of Aek Tintin. Aek Tintin place is surrounded by old plants such as the Beringin tree, the Jabijabi tree and other plants. Where all Marga Limbong in this village can not sing of the trees was in vain.

In the video coverage of the team Gobatak, Mangido Limbong Na Tua Opat Pulu both guards where Aek Tintin provides little information on the history of Aek Tintin. The occurrence of these brief Aek Tintin is happening at a time fabric of forbidden love between Boru Limbong Na Opat Pulu with Marga Limbong Ompung Borsak.



So Limbong family punishing Boru Na Opat Pulu was in exactly that way in the killing later in the fuel. So the agreement was made that all the descendants of Marga Limbong forbidden to love relationship, by making Aek Tintin as a warning sign for Marga Limbong descent.

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