Animals in the zoo kangaroo Pematangsiantar


Curious? Indeed there is only zoo in Pematangsiantar. It has a collection of animals native to Indonesia, especially birds, tigers and monkeys. The zoo itself offers a lot of trees and tropical plants, a party who is old enough. Menghairankan border locations with the main airport road (all on foot). Animal existing kangaroo from Australia in this place kind of gray kangaroos. Western Grey Kangaroos can be found in western Australia, southern Australia near the coast and the Darling River basin. Grey kangaroo is very numerous. They live in eucalyptus forests and open grassy areas.

Animal Park Pematang Siantar (THPS) is one of tourism object in North Sumatra as a place of entertainment a decent, affordable and educating for various circles, has hundreds of species of animals originating from within and abroad are also equipped with facilities to play. Renovation and development inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. DR. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on November 13, 2007.

Role and Functions Zoos & Wildlife Parks
* For Ex-situ conservation institutions (for menangkar endangered species outside of its habitat) and an animal rescue tarakhir fort.
* Saving the animals that are endangered because of habitat destruction.
* Maintain genetic purity.
* Place of rare animals care of state-owned

* As a means of knowledge of educational science and technology education.
* Gave the education and knowledge to the wider community about the importance of nature and environmental conservation through a demonstration of animal performances.
* To instill the love of wildlife and nature from an early age to students sekola and various other societies, through the introduction of wildlife and the environment.
* Fulfilling their training on the conservation of natural resources in a sustainable manner to the public throughout the corners of Indonesia.

Research Research dn:
* Support research for various disciplines of Veterinary Medicine, biology, Animal Husbandry & Tourism from various levels of education.
* Support research, conservation experts from national and international conservation organizations.

* Entertainment feasible and affordable for people and sebahai healthy recreation and education for various circles.
* And the role of other functions that ssangat benefit our country.

ANIMAL PARK Pematang Siantar
Capt. road. M.H Sitorus No. Pematang Siantar 10 21 115
North Sumatra

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