Tourists learn to dance tortor


Dance to the office is a dance that moves as a rhythm with the music accompaniment (Margondang) played by traditional musical instruments such as gondang, flute, trumpet hobo, and others. According to the history of dance tor-tor used in rituals associated with spirits, where the spirits are summoned and “admission” to the statues of stone (a symbol of the ancestors), then the statue was moved like dancing but his movements stiff. These include movement of the foot movement (tiptoe-tiptoe) and hand movements.


As can be seen in the video coverage of a pair of tourists interested to participate in the dance of the Karo in an arts event in the resort town of Parapat. The dancers try to give examples of dance movement tortor. They really enjoyed participating in the dance group while following the movement indicated the dancers dance. A very unique dance movements make them seem strange and happy

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