About The Sotul Tree


Sotul (Sandoricum koetjape (Burm. f.) Merr.) Is a plant with high 25-30 m, and stem diameter of 70-90 cm. These plants grow wild in altitude less than 1000 meters above sea level. Fruit Sotul widely used in spice mixtures like curry dishes to local custom carp arsik, naniura, and natinombur. The only indigenous cuisine created specifically for the customary course activities.

At this time the customary activities using typical cuisine has been diminished, so the use of fruit sotul as a spice is also reduced. Sotul fruit is the fruit of the plants  still grows wild and has not been cultivated. With the decreasing Sotul use of fruit, it is feared will be a rare plant


The soft flesh containing mucoid fluid, embedded in the seeds, and sour taste. The fruit can be eaten if it is cooked. Sotul is the name of the fruit is known in the area of Toba, in other areas like Pono Aceh), santu (Minangkabau), or lute Kacapi monkey (Sunda), and Sentul (Java).


Sotul used as an ingredient in traditional cuisine and Mandailing Angkola Batak. Sotul fruit has been a subject of research by several students farming as an anti-bacterial drugs in foods and beverages.

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