Stone Island (Pulau Batu) at Pematangsiantar


Visit Huta – This place is not like the island of Samosir Island in Lake Toba but this place was named by the society around Pulau Batu (short: Pulbat). Pulau Batu (Stone Island) tour one of the objects that are not so famous baths are located in areas Sibatubatu. To reach the place menepuh 500 meters distance from the intersection Sibatubatu and can only be passed by two-wheeled vehicles only.

Pulau Batu (Stone Island) as a tourist attraction comes from large springs all around the stone. If we travel to the place that there is a special place for a bath in which a separate water source. Only with the contribution of Rp. 1000, – as a motorcycle parking services we can enjoy this bath tourist heart’s content.

However, maintenance and development of this place is still yet to receive serious attention from local governments. Hopefully the community to protect and preserve this place into a tourist attraction that interests everyone.

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