Manunda inghau rata, refine the traditional instruments of sweet leaf vegetables


This tool is very rarely used to grind cassava leaf vegetable. Cassava leaf vegetables, cooked with coconut water is a Batak cuisine is very well known since long. This delicious vegetable will depend on the tools used. Today he has turned the sophisticated tools and simple, yes Blender machine. In addition to practical and work processes are also very short.

However if on the flavor would have been more different when using traditional tools – and LOSUNG ANDALU this. This tool is used and until the surviving sekrang to grind food materials, such as pounding rice into flour; bukbuk coffee; refine vegetable yam leaves, and others.

Many electronic devices today that make all the practical all, stay connected to the mains all the work done quickly and easily. Will the traditional tools we go away, someday it will lose.

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