Unique gifts from Pematangsiantar


If you visit Pematangsiantar, we must not forget the gift Roti Ganda. It has become a hallmark Pematangsiantar city for a visit to the double bakery. Sutomo Street where it was, a famous and delicious bakery number here is the place.  Roti Ganda is bread, typically larger than the breads market, which is spread with jam features.

When you order, waiters will collect a bread and cut into two parts, in the Centre and jam, which is typical. Once again the bread cut into small pieces, such as white bread that we buy at the bakery.

Roti Ganda normally found in the bread nan, butter, and sweet. There is no miracle that someone wanted to take this opportunity to buy Roti Ganda, only a gift. Roti Ganda Manager, this effort began in 1979. So if you’re in town Pematangsiantar, don’t forget to bring gifts ROTI GANDA. Enjoy yourselves.

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