Tips, a new method for Mamuro


This second rice crop in some regions appear to have rice bulibulir. Disruption of the rice farmers are birds. Many ways they are doing to drive out the birds that will eat their rice. There is a orangorangan, creating sounds that are made of tin containers, and others. Activity farmers are Mamuro (in Batak). If mamuro season arrives and the energy to keep the number of rice farmers amounted to more than ever before.

Mamuro or stupid is the activity pursued flock of birds that come from eating rice bulirbulir filled (in Batak nunga rung). Coverage gobatak see things quite convenient mamuro unique and advanced slightly from the methods by farmers generally. This tool is used by farmers to mamuro, functions only efesien to evict the birds and do not require the public during a time mamuro.

The following video shows the workings of this tool:

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