The characters sound similar to one Artist Batak


His name Pahala Pakapahan who have similar sound character with one Artists Batak. One week ago with Wanson Sinaga and Posan Sinaga gathered in Sopo Gobatak while singing along. In the following video, sing a few songs Batak Pahala Pakpahan like “Unang Djaishon” and also the Western Songs (Oldies). Pahala Pakpahan who lived in Pematangsiantar able to sing with a voice that is high enough. He talked about his experience in the field of sound art since high school, “I do not drink alcohol and not smoking” he said.

For the first time the friends who came to Sopo Gobatak singing happy hear sing Pahala Pakpahan. Good luck to Pakpahan Pahala, you have the talent for singing. Success always.


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