One night with the refugees Sinabung mountains


A valuable experience, team Gobatak Peduli and refugees mountain Sinabung slept together yesterday. After providing assistance in the form of medicines and vitamins as well as special children’s milk, we talked with people about their experiences during the refuge’s. Poskoh Taman Doa Et Labora Simpang Aji Jahe / Simpang Kaban which accommodate about 350 people from four villages at the foot of the mountain Sinabung.

GobatakPeduli remains one of the team, the next day experiencing nausea and colds, one night. Imagine, those who have been in place almost two weeks of shelter would they experience the same thing. That’s what they’re complaining about, medical aid and medicines they need. There are still many small groups of refugees mountain Sinabung temporary shelters, which are not maximal assistance.

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