Noodles of Siantar


Located at Simpang Empat Siantar exactly in front of the monument Adipura, at the intersection of Simpang Empat Siantar region is commonly found where breakfast and evening meals. If you’ve taken to eating certain Simpang Empat pansit or fried noodles. Four intersections are very famous with his culinary tourism, in addition to the price so cheap it’s also very delicious. Especially Pangarantau who vacation in the opposite direction of Toba and do not forget to stop to enjoy the culinary Simpang Empat Pematangsiantar.

Many people have become destinations in the morning for breakfast. The price offered is very varied ranging from Rp. 3000, – to Rp. 12 000, –Rp.14.000, – are able to enjoy fried noodle dish with egg and meat sliced pickled red + green chili is very good, also the current Pansit Mie Rp. 9000, -.

Cooks are available many options, Curly Noodle, Noodle Pansit, Mie Kuah. Do not forget to place of Noodle Pansit Siantar, roads Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia. Siantar noodle stall that the seller most of whom are from Tionghoa ethnic. Provide a variety of different creations noodles with flavor and served with various types of cuisine, worth trying, especially for fans of noodles. So what are you waiting visit Pematangsiantar.

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