About Goldfish Arsik (ikan mas arsik)


Goldfish Arsik (ikan mas arsik) – our Menu this Saturday afternoon is Ethnic Cuisine Batak (North Sumatra), arsik goldfish is also often expressed in adata hobo party. This is one dish that required every household menu Batak people either still live at home or who had to leave. A new Batak woman thumbs up as a good cook if the food was delicious and worth arsiknya served to the guests.

This is generally used for cooking arsik goldfish. This fish was chosen because goldfish live in clear water and swim forward in the group without colliding with each other. Philosophy are those who eat these fish will live in harmony, to the upstream and downstream, until the end of the pillars of his age. For the daily menu, okay we replace it with goldfish other freshwater fish such as tilapia, catfish or tilapia.

Resipes of Goldfish Arsik
– 1 tailed goldfish, clean the scales, and entrails ingsang –
– Water lime juice 1 tbsp –
– Tomato red two pieces, cut so 4 –
– Citronella two sticks, crushed –
– Andaliman 2 tsp –
– Water 150 ml –
– Onion hobo 50 grams, discard the leaves –
– Flowers Etlingera elatior one fruit –
– Santan 50 ml –

– Chili seven fruit –
– Onion 4 bitur –
– 2 cloves garlic –
– Pecan two points –
– Turmeric 3 cm –
– Ginger 2 cm –
– Salt to taste –

1. Marinate the fish with lime juice, let stand for 15 minutes, drain.
2. Marinate the fish with spices to cover all parts of the fish.
3. Prepare a frying pan and place the flowers Etlingera elatior citronella based frying pan. Put gold fish, add water, salt, sugar, coconut milk and andaliman, stir well.
4. Simmer until cooked fish and seasoning to absorb.
5. Add the tomato and onion hobo, cook hinggakuah slightly thickened, remove from heat.
6. Serve immediately.

For 3 servings

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