GobatakPeduli: Providing Assistance to Refugees Sinabung mountain


Kabanjahe (11/09), gobatak Peduli today have been handed over assistance to victims Sinabung  refugees. The assistance was handed over to refugees in Poskoh Taman Doa Et Labora Simpang  Aji Jahe / Simpang Kaban. This aid comes from donations from supporters gathered Gobatak  during the two weeks. Assistance is provided in the form of medicines, milk for children,  and food amounting total Rp. 1,000,000.

This first phase of special assistance for refugee groups who have not received help from  the outside. Poksoh TamanDoaEtLabora Simpang Aji Jahe / Simpang Kaban refugees total 350  people from four villages, including villages Guru Kinayan, Susuk, Beras Tepu, Perteguhan.  Gobatak Peduli (panda and Saut Sitohang) with Pendeta Frans Surbakti provide advice to the  procurement of medicines and vitamins as well as milk, especially for children and parents.

Photos that we attach the following is our trip to buy help. Victims of the refugees in this  place very happy and thanks for the assistance we give to them.


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