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Pematangsiantar (7 / 9), today is a schedule of defects cleft lip surgery in a Harapan hospital Pematangsiantar. Three patients scheduled for cleft lip surgery is a patient named Mario was 8 months, patients aged 12 years Luminda Butarbutar, and patients Afrozi 3.5 years. To this day Afrozi patients delayed surgery because of coughing. The doctors to delay surgery until the patient’s Afrozi conditions healthy again.

At the opportunity this time, gobatak cannot see directly in the operation to patients due to any reason. However, our visit to these social activities more or less we know what is necessary to help people in need.

Patients Luminda Butarbutar.

Luminda Butarbutar origin Pardagangan, already three times care surgery. This third operation is the stage of completion of the operation of cleft lip and cleft palate. Luminda Butarbutar accompanied by his parents came from poor families seemed pleased and happy. Although currently Luminda Butarbutar not able to speak perfect, just out of surgery. Boru Purba Her mother is grateful for the assistance organized by the Foundation of  The Children of Sumatra. Luminda Butarbutar who sit second grade junior high schools will soon be back with perfect situation. Hopefully a speedy recovery for Luminda Butarbutar.

Mario Ujung Karo

This is the full name of patients aged 8 months. Very tragic for Mario, when Mario surgery is not accompanied by both parents. According to information from the Hospital Harapan Jaya, Mario was found on a street in Ujung Tanah Karo in a box of instant noodle. Parental Mario somehow bear to throw away so his son in a state of cleft lip defect. For Mario this is his first operation. Mario is currently being handled entirely by the party’s Hospital Harapan Jaya, and nurtured by Rotua Frisca Simbolon one of the nurses at the hospital Harapan Jaya. Hopefully, Mario grew up and received care from people who loved him. Hopefully Mario a speedy recovery.

More Pictures:
– Mario condition after finish an operation
Mario with Rotua Frisca Simbolon who nurtured Mario, 2 hours after operation

Luminda Butarbutar with her parents 2 hour after operation
Thanks for The Children of Sumatra

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