Come To The Palace of President Sukarno in The Land of Batak

The Palace of President Sukarno in The Land of Batak
The Palace of President Sukarno in The Land of Batak

Parapat, in this place store both of natural and cultural charm. This  time trying to raise on the history of a place that the figure of the independence of Indonesia has been registered in the land of Batak.

The President of Indonesia Sukarno once exiled by the Dutch Government at the end of 1948, together with Haji Agus Salim, more or less than two months in Parapat, North Sumatra. Different points of view where President Sukarno was Batak on Earth at that time, some call it ” ” Presidential Palace, there is also ” Pesanggrahan President “-What is it. We call it the Palace of President Sukarno.

After President Sukarno was exiled in Berastagi, because of some security reasons while it is on January 1, 1949, he moved to the city of Parapat. In a house owned by the Dutch government exactly located on the shores of Lake Toba. When we stood in the building and looked ahead, it will be clearly posted with the beauty of the Lake Toba Samosir Island restricted. The beauty of it will be perfect when the sun rises or sets. From here it was the obvious movement of the sun.

According to some sources and experts said the building or the Indische Architectuur neoclassical architecture was built in 1820 with a size of 10 x 20 m and surrounded by extensive gardens and a contoured area of? In this two-storey house of President Sukarno held captive for nearly two months. Visible evidence of the existence of some of his paintings and furniture that was used by him. Some of them such as space and beds, carved chairs, paintings, photographs, books, and others are still well maintained in this house.

Let’s come to the palace of President Sukarno

Nothing too unique that we can get from the historical traces of the existence of President Sukarno, might be due to the time of exile was only two months.


The Palace of President Sukarno in The Land of Batak
The Palace of President Sukarno in The Land of Batak


At visit, this place – Jean juge, Victor and James with team around July last only a few Parapat and photographs in the wall that tells the truth of President Sukarno had lived in the palace. Bed where President Sukarno to sleep in his room now no longer original, beds made of wood now cannot stand it any longer, says a mother who we met at that time.

As I look around the room and went to the second floor, there is a terrace overlooking the waters of Lake Toba fitting. Really beautiful and fabulous.

Let’s take a look to the second floor, consider video coverage of the following:


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