Breakfast or Lunch with Nasgor Na Ijo


send by: Jimmy Pakpahan
Ideally for breakfast or lunch
ingredients : 1kg basmati rice cooked, 3 shallot chopped,a bunch of spring onion,2 tsp olive oil, 450g smoked pepper mackrel (similar to gembung fish) 3 eggs,chilli sauce, salt & pepper.

For chilli sauce you needs ;15 Fingers green chillies,3 shallot chooped,3
garlic cloves,fresh ginger,1 tomato,andaliman ,1tsp salt .Mix and blended
all together.

Methode : heat the oil in a pan frying the shallot add the mackrel fish
andthen eggs stir fry about 5 minutes before you add the cooked rice
finished with chopped spring onion and a pinch of salt & pepper continue to
stir it for another 10 minute and ready to served for 4 peoples. Garnish
with Baby spinach.

By Chef

Jimmy Pakpahan

– England

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