What would you choose? Between Becak or Taxi


The uniqueness of the Becak traditional transportation in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra. Becak, from the Hokkien language: be chia “carriage”, is a three-wheeled transportation mode that is commonly found in Indonesia and also in parts of Asia. Normal capacity is the rickshaws two passengers and one driver. Becak is also a simple mode of transportation that is often used by communities to run activities of daily life, such as shopping, traveling and so forth.

In Indonesia there are two types of rickshaws are commonly used:
* Becak with the driver in the rear. This species usually exist in Java.
* Becak with the driver’s side. This species is usually found in Sumatra.

For this type of pedicab can be subdivided into two sub-types, namely:
1. Pedal rickshaws – which uses a bicycle rickshaws as a rudder.
2. Motorized pedicabs / rickshaws machine – Daw who use motorcycles as a driver.

Becak Siantar

We can see in Sumatra, each region has the privilege of becak. Starting from the town until the village has a traditional mode of transportation. Becak Siantar compared with other Indonesian becak its uniqueness. Becak in Java generally dikayuh by humans while Siantar rickshaw pulled by a motorcycle. Although the motor rickshaw betor alias also exists in several other cities, motor becak Siantar still have advantages. Becak Siantar being pulled by superior Birmingham Small Arms (BSA), the old, namely the British manufacturer of motorcycles which was originally created for vehicles of war.

Becak Medan

Becak in the city of Medan, placing the driver side and passenger side side-by-side. There was no difference in the maximum passenger load between the two regions, this can still be loaded with up to three passengers.

Becak Pangururan

There is one more unique than that Pangururan City transportation becak. In contrast to that in Pematangsiantar Becak, Becak this one using a motor berkopling and there are also non-clutch. If we compared with Siantar becak, becak in the city this Pangururan look smaller. According to the information on this motorized becak became popular in this Samosir Island since 2004. These becak can carry 5-6 people at once, with the price varies depending on distance traveled.

Becak Purba Dolok – Simalungun

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