Unique tree leaf has two color


Motung leaves are wild plants that have two colors, the upper side and lower side green and white colors. Name Motung also be made in the name of the village in Kabupaten Samosir. Motung leaf also known as leaf Lontar. Gumbot, tree leaves are green and white on the back side (motung), “Bulung gumbot na tarbalik di sipahatolu, referred to the establishment of an easily changed.” Likewise, also used the rhyme by batak people. Motung in ancient times was also used as a plate or other food places,

where food alternatives at the time the party in the village, if the stock plate are not sufficient, because the heat will heat the rice and the smell of the leaves will be mixed with the cooked rice, so add appetite.

Bulung ni MOTUNG
bontar mardua rupa
Mura do i gale
Ulluson ni alogo

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