Tobatak Comes From The Musicians and Singers from Batak and Austrian


Loving the Batak music and keen to bring  the Batak music into the world wide audience are the idea and the goal of this project. Tobatak is the name of the project as well as the album. Hermann Delago as the project initiator has found this name, which has several meaning such as Toba – Batak, Tirol -Batak.

Hermann Delago is an indigenous people from Tirol Austria, he is a composer, arranger, conductor and World musician. Since his first visited to Lake Toba North Sumatra in 1997 , he is falling in love with the traditional local music, the people, the area has simlar landscape as where he is coming from. He found that Batak people are very musically, and they are mountain people. For him this  is paradise, and feel like second home, because Tirol and Toba has many similarity. In the year 2005 Herman visited a  young professional musician and one of the best music arranger  in Jakarta who has released 5 albums , Viky Sianipar.

Therefore, in 2010 Herman Delago decided to do a collaborative music album, and contacted Viky Sianipar. In the meantimes, he discussed all this plan to one of his Batak friend who leave in Netherland, and finally asked as Project Manager , Henry Manik. They both set up a plan, to have a meeting with Viky Sianipar in Samosir, January 2011.  The meeting in Samosir, has satisfied everyone.

Afterwards  the Tobatak Project is began. Two great musician/ arranger Hermann Delago – Vik Sianipar who are coming from two different world and back ground are collaborated and making a new story for Batak music Industry. The project supported also by several Batak and Austrian singer and musician.

During this process until we release this album, we have been through a great times and also difficult times. We have experienced a lot of things, we are very happy now that we could go through all that moment and making this project coming true.

6 januari 2012, TObatak has launching the Album in Jakarta at MS Hall. During the Press Conference, there are  about 14 Nasional Media, who join the conference. TOBATAK as well all the Song Composer of the songs, which are in the TOBATAK album received the Awards, as a appreciation made by TOBA DREAM and giving by Ex Minister of Indonesia Mr. Cosmas Batubara.

This Project is just the beginning of the whole proses, bringing Batak Song to the World audience, said Henry Manik as the Project Manager. (original source by Henry Manik)

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