The Meaning Of Tortor For Batak Tribe

Batak Dance Tortor
Batak Dance Tortor

Gondang Batak, one of the works of art of music is very rich and into admiration for the world. Diverse repertoire that meets all the needs of art used for a variety of activities such as religious ceremonies, customs and entertainment.

Like drums called tagading and played while standing by using a stick (bat). Tagading addition, there are also harps, serune (kind of trumpet brass, red), ogung (gong), and flute. Gondang Batak is usually played in wedding’s traditional Batak and in various other events. Especially if the show was displayed typical Batak dance, called Tortor.

It can be described with a sense of the life of art tortor Batak  and culture. The question is if the conflict with the religious or not depends of the perspective and understanding. In fact, lately, even in religious worship (Church) tortor and gondang Batak have become part and support the service event (for example, the theatre and the confession announce the described offerings/ dikoreografis with tortor Batak).

Picture life as reflected in the Batak, Batak tortor would be understood by the order and the name of music requested by the group gondang elders (paminta gondang), usually preceded by Gondang Mula-mula, Gondang Somba, Gondang Mangaliat, Gondang Simonang-Monang, Gondang Sibungajambu, Gondang Marhusip, and so on ending with Gondang Hasahatan Sitio-tio Likewise. Tortor/ movements made? I will differ according to the rhythm of which is sounded by Pargonsi gondang (Musician).

Batak Dance Tortor
Batak Dance Tortor


While other devices in the case of tortor Batak someone usually has to become leaders of the group and the organizer’s tortor/ spokesperson (paminta Gondang), for the latter is a very necessary ability to understand the sequence and Gondang interlocking words and umpasa ask Gondang. However, tortor Batak society Batak cultural identity of art that must be preserved and does not diminish the age and the development of human civilization. There are ethical values, morals and customs, which must instill in the younger generations in tortor Batak.

Movement of the dance as parts of the cultural arts are a reflection and incarnation of attitudes, characteristics, behavior and treatment of the community and the experience of life itself. In the dance reflects the taste, creativity and initiative of a group of people. Tortor Batak is always accompanied by traditional music Gondang sabangunan. Tortor Batak also describes the experience of the life of the Batak people in their daily life, happiness/ pleasure, reflection, prayer/ worship, crying, to desire, ideals and expectations, and so forth can be reflected in Tortor Batak.

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