Simarjarunjung The other side views of Lake Toba Part 2


Novels Simbolon, Ranie Agustina Haloho, and Audi Tambunan Hasian with Team Gobatak down the street from Dolok Simarjarunjung into three bronze. Along the left side of the road seems very beautiful scenery made us pause to enjoy the beautiful sight of Lake Toba. God’s creation is truly breathtaking view of human nature creations, really fun.

Observing nature is so beautiful and cool weather makes us feel happy and at ease to enjoy the beauty of nature. Views of verdant hills, steep valleys, panoramic beauty of Lake Toba is blue, can not escape the eye when entering the area of Lake Toba.

Lake Toba was inhabited by the seven districts that cultural background, language, traditions are almost the same. Each time the eye could see, Lake Toba was always able to at least give the meaning of beauty. This is the natural grace of the Lord of the painting. Actually this is a pearl. It’s just our ignorance as if it makes him miserable.

Lake Toba was formed from the eruption of a volcano. Peak of the mountain collapsed and there was Lake Toba. Some wreckage was become Samosir Island. Make the region’s natural event to be beautiful. Lake area of 6.60 square kilometers surrounded by the walls of the towering hills to 480 feet above sea level.

So what are you waiting, let’s go to Lake Toba and safe holiday.


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