Ruth Nelly says “DIDIA RONGKAP HI” on the night of the Talenta Batak Nusantara


Ruth Nelly’s single status carried is perfect when she was sing Batak song “DIDIA RONGKAP HI”. Artist Bella Safira as well as emcee Talent Grand Final Batak Nusantara touching this beautiful girl, too. The song “DIDIA RONGKAP HI” is what brought Ruth Nelly into First Place in Grand Final Talenta Batak Nusantara 2010. Full appreciation and melodious voice Nelly Ruth managed to captivate audiences and the judges.

The following video is a recording, which brought Ruth Nelly Sihotang become champions on the night of the Grand Final Talenta Batak Nusantara 2010. What she looks like?


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