Rosella plant useful as a medicinal product


Rosella plant has more than 300 dispersed species in tropical areas and not. Usually used as an ornamental plant and some of them believes that medical benefits, one of them is red or hibiscus hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa). Flower of Jamaica is very easy to grow in the garden, or planting in containers. In 2006, has conducted research on the health benefits of red hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and the results obtained are 1.7 mmmol / antioxidant prolox.

Rosella flowers benefits including the following: * detoxify nature, neutralize toxins * reduces blood pressure * reduces the levels of sugar in the blood in diabetics * inhibit cancer growth * keep their resistance * reduce blood cholesterol * the weight balance * reduce heat and chapter hard * reduce the level of training of lumps of fat in the liver * reduces headache, migraine * contains multivitamins, including vit.C and * Beta-caroteno helps keep the drug addiction recovery,

How make it very easy, just take water boiling 5-7 petals with hot water, wait five minutes, ready for drinking. Sour taste of this drink. If you have heartburn and must take care by adding water level.

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