Marpangir or Spa Batak therapy for health


Marpangir or equal also referred to as spa-Batak, is to wash the bath with a special seasoning / traditional. Water used this herb to bath water. Our parents say, with marpangir or spa-Batak useful for health. Can restore the sick in our bodies, such as pain and fever. Marpangir or spa-Batak may also become therapy homeless during the recovery, and of course when we bath marpangir or spa-Batak our body will feel fresh again and more spirit.

Marpangir or SpaBatak composed natural ingredients from plants that smell nice. For this reason that the shower with marpangir or spaBatak we will smell nice. Marpangir or spaBatak material composed of unte pangir (jeruk purut), unte pangir leaf, turmeric leaf, sanggesangge (Srey) leaf, rias leaf (laos) and cloves leaf.

Making Spa Batak or Marpangir are as follows:
1. Takes about 5-8 leaves of the sheet of turmeric.
2. Take a sheet of as much as 20-30 wide sanggesangge (Srey) stem sanggesangge (Srey) is also recommended.
3. A total of 10-15 riass leaves (laos) and trunk.
4. 2 – 3 Fruit unte pangir (jerukpurut).
5. 40-80 leaves unte pangir (jerukpurut) that are old or dark green.
6. as much as 30-50 pieces of leaves, cloves, quite by accident when we created Spa Batak or Marpangir not find clove leaf.

How to grow herbs Spa Batak or Marpangir
1. Cut into two parts unte pangir (jerukpurut) of washing.
2. Clean with water all those sheets and then rolled and tied to a small.
3. Enter the ingredients in a bowl that already contains a little water. Lit fire and boiled until it mix water is boiling.
4. After boiling, take the potion of water below, insert into the cube.
5. Bath water for Marpangir or Spa Batak ready. Tips: mix the water or spa bath Marpangir tramp with cold – adjust the temperature of the water that we use, and then wash as usual. And have nice try

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