Gotong Hats, Original Hats From Batak Simalungun, Why Be Batik?

gotong batak simalungun
gotong batak simalungun

Gotong hat or in general is called headdress (Batak Toba language: Talitali, modern: Tahuluk) of Simalungun typical known. Gotong is used specially when ritual events love and grief of men from batak simalungun as a sign of honor following the traditional procession. Usually, the bridge for the men also wears the hat of a marriage.

Gotong, Why Batik?

Gotong is part of the structure Simalungun costumes plus accessories to complement the ulos as aprons until the foot  (or with Mandar-sarung), scarves, etc. An early form of head covering (Toba Batak = talitali) is a headband made of a black patterned fabric wrapped around her head in such a way.

To use any different. Gotong Porsa, the white cloth of headdresses is used by the men at the funeral ceremony for the whole family close. Gotong is used by the Kings or her descendants decorated with gold, and also the nobles.

gotong batak simalungun
gotong batak simalungun


According to some cultures of Simalungun, that gotong frequently used to nowadays use the batik motif is believed to originate from Simalungun.  Based on history by Tuan Bandar Alam Purba Tambak from Silou, when it her penchant is to collect the type of head covering from java as a blangkon style of batik motive, creating a combination of these motives to be a uniqueness until nowadays.

This Gotong to be a trend until nowadays and used in the traditional party events. Unique, this gotong Only in Batak Simalungun alone.

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