Carambola (Belimbing) benefits, ranging from fruit-flower to the leaves


Carambola has more fiber or water. However, the benefits for the health of star fruit tree very much. For what? This is it. Benefits to health is to treat several diseases, both diseases in and for foreign drugs. In general, all the ingredients most star fruit, starfruit leaves and flowers boiled and consumed as a beverage (tea brewed).

From the above benefits are as reliever medication acne, diabetes medicine, cough medicine, medicine for Lowering High Blood Pressure, Pain Medicine cavities, Panu Relief Drugs, Toothache Medication, Drugs Sprue, Arthritis Drugs.

Note: People with kidney problems should avoid eating this fruit because it contains oxalic acid. Carambola juice is made from the more dangerous because the acid concentration is higher. People who have high cholesterol or diabetes should also avoid this fruit, because of the high sugar content.

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