Arsik Recipe From Emlichheim, Germany


Arsik Recipe From Emlichheim, Germany byRika van der Meijde

Difficult to find some ingredients that are usually used for Arsik in my town,such as gold fish,long beans,onion hobo,galangal. So I have maked arsik with very simple ingredients ,but the taste also delicious, almost same with original Arsik.

Ingredients :

1. 700 Gr Tilapia fish
2. 1 big red onion
3. Green beans
4. leek
5. Salt to taste
6. Water 150 ml
7. 2 tsp Andalimans
8. 3 Red Paper
9. 6 candle nut
10. 2 turmeric
11. 1 Lime juice
12. 3 small lemongrass



How to create :

1. Marinate the fish with lime juice, let stand for 30 minutes, and drain.

2. Smooth onion,andalimans,candle nut ,turmeric with stone mill but can also with blender.

3. Prepare the pan with water,insert the fish and all ingredients include green beans,leek, turmeric and salt to taste.

4. Simmer until cooked fish and seasoning to absorb.

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