About Pultak Pultak


Yes, the kids would like to plant this one especially who had lived in the village, must be very familiar with this plant. Pultak-pultak or known by the name grew disembarang ciplukan and many such places in the yard of the house, in the fields, the soil moist to dry and not inundated by water. Tree-pultak pultak not grow to a height of 1 m and branching stems are hollow so easily have been lost because only a few fibers at the base of the stem wood bottom. The fruits when ripe, round, shiny yellowish smaller than marbles or guli.

But there is also Part of the purpose to plant it for their own dispensaries sweet taste of fresh ripe fruit, while the immature bitter taste. When we look into the fruit, he has a similar seed tomatoes. Fruit rind wrapped with leaves similar to the epidermis and if digepuk make noise like exploding hence the Batak said pultak-pultak (pultak = burst noise).


Also benefits the most from this crop as a drug. In general, for drug treatment outside of just grinded into powder and placed on the sick, being for the treatment of drinking done by boiling them and then drunk.

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