Sibandang Island North Sumatera

Sibandang Island
Sibandang Island

Sibandang island is the second largest island after Samosir island. Its charm obviously sprinkles with a clear lake viewed from two aforementioned hills and beautified by views of Lake Toba.

Aside from Samosir Island, Toba Lake also has Sibandang Island with area width of 1,194 ha. 2,551 people who count on cattle breeding, fishing and farming as their earning occupy the island. The island is also well known as the producer of mangoes.

Sibandang island of near by Muara. Indonesia’s independence day celebration, people always hold an event entitled Marluga Solu (traditional competition boats) and swimming competition at the from Muara to Sibandang of the island.

Sibandang island is known as the island of mango. It is named not for its shape as the handle, but after his plantation. The society has a broad common field of mango. They live in mango farming. If you want to eat a mango is more than welcome to enjoy fresh mangoes Sibandang’s.

Sibandang island could be brazenly seen from Sipincur or Huta Ginjang; two high hills around Sibandang island. Its allure clearly sprinkles with the clear lake viewed from the two aforementioned hills.

While now guests can go into the island by boat or ships, the federal government may need been considering of constructing hold gliders from Huta Ginjang to this appears remoted but fascinating island. Then folks received’t rely only on simply farming and fishing but tourism and trade as well. Consequently, folks’s financial standing may be raised to affluent society.

As space residing in lake side of Toba, Sibandang Island will not be as noisy as Parapat, Balige, and also Porsea. Sibandang Island extra calm compared wirh different cities which nonetheless, reside around of Toba Lake. If you’re interested to go to Sibandang Island, there are two different land ways, which could be gone through, which can be:

Sibandang Island
Sibandang Island


First route passing Bakara
If we were moving from Medan, the first route can we reach from Medan – Berastagi – Merek – Sumbul – Tele – Dolok Sanggul – Bakara and gone through Muara. Distance between Muara and Bakara is about 12 Kms. From Muara, we can across to Sibandang Island with boat, which about 900 meters from Muara. Tourist can use reguler ship from Muara to Sibandang Island, or rent a boat if we want to visit it.

Second route passing Balige
The second road can we reach from Medan – Parapat – Porsea – Balige gone through to Siborong-borong On the way to Siborong-borong, there is a branch three (Muara branch) joint Balige – Siborong-borong – Muara, about 14 Kms from Balige. From this branch, we can continue to Muara with distance about 21 Kms, and across to Sibandang Island. Tourist can use reguler ship from Muara to Sibandang Island, or rent a boat to reach it.

Third route passing Balige
Way across the lake Toba through the port sipinggan Nainggolan to Muara.

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