The Simalungun tour trip, Huta Purba


Visit Huta 20-21 July 2010, for the team’s 2 days gobatak with the Simbolon Novel (lived in Libya), Audi Tambunan (lived in Batam), Ranie Agustina Sihaloho (lived in Pematang Siantar) the Simalungun tour to Huta Purba. Our trip followed around approximately 2 hours from Pematang Siantar by using the motorcycle (kareta). While the trip went through Huta Sidamanik, Simarjarunjung, Tiga Runggu afterwards arrived in Huta Purba.

The distance that was followed approximately 140 kilometre from the Medan City, after through the Karo Regency (Berastagi Kabanjahe Merek). Then passed the intersection towards Haranggaol and arrived you in the village that the majority was occupied by the Simalungun ethnic group. But, And You Too could choose other access, that is by going through the Pematang Siantar City that jarakya only approximately 54 kilometre from there.

In Huta Purba famous with the site tour of the history namely Ruma Bolon the legacy from the Ancient Pakpak kingdom in Dyke-Purba Kabupaten Simalungun. The place of the history of the kingdom from King Purba Pakpak was from the year 1624-1947 or around the age to XV, that was led by the king to 14 kings. The tour trip this time had the special meaning for us who began the tour to the Simalangun area.