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Bolon house (palace) in the Ancient Kingdom of Ancient Pamatang. Jarakanya approximately 140 kilometers from the town of Bolon Pematang Medan.Rumah itself is the residence of King Purba Purba who first occupied by Mr. Pangultop-ultop (1624-1648), who later passed on by generations with a tradition of local culture. The last king who led the King Master Mogang, supposedly no one has found his body. He was allegedly killed when the social revolution taking place in Simalungun in 1947.

Although the descendants of King Purba no longer in power since 1946, but traces of his kingdom still standing to this day. Palace known as the House Bolon (big house) to witness the triumph of the Ancient King 14 descendants who ruled in Simalungun. And now, the government has made it as one of the official tourist attraction.

Bolon’s house was more like a palace complex that there are around government buildings and royal family burial ground. The complex is surrounded by a gap that the sides had planted bamboo with the meeting. Only one tunnel is used as the entrance and exit, so that the enemy is not easy to break into.

Bolon’s house is located exactly in the middle of the royal complex. The building was put on Simalungun ancient architecture. Its construction does not use a nail. And the main building materials are wood, bamboo and palm fiber.


Traditional Houses Bolon who made this museum is an ancient palace of King Pematang founded in the reign of Mr. Rahalim, the 12th king of the Ancient Kingdom in 1864.

In the early 1961 House Bolon established as a tourist attraction by Regent Simalungun.

The museum is managed by the Foundation Museum Simalungun and approved by the notary public on June 7, 1966.


The museum collection consists of eight buildings, namely the Ancient Houses Bolon, Bolon Hall, Pattangan King, Pattangan Consort, Jambur, Hall Buttu, Jabu Orange, and a mortar.


Ancient bund, District Simalungun
Pematang Ancient Villages, District Simalungun
North Sumatra

Visit JAM

Monday – Sunday: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Adult: USD 1500
Child: USD 500
Entourage: USD 1000

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