Visiting Our Village: Sidikalang – West Pakpak


Gobatak decided to visit many the neighbors regions to fill our program well-known as “Visit Huta 2012” this year. Dairi, Karo and West Pakpak were the places we chosen to. We never covered about these regions before, that’s why we choose them. As usual, team gather with Yetty Aritonang from Paris-France focus to the resort areas which have something unique and worthy to be lifted up.


West Pakpak


Our newest tour was so short, it was a day only, last April 23rd 2012, but we thought that was enough as our coverage about the whole of West Pakpak.


There is Salak Subdistrict, the governmental center, the major of West Pakpak with 245.57 km2 wide and has 6 sub-districts. The 6 sub-districts are spread out over 4 areas, depend on the wind directs:

  1. There is Pangindar Subdistrict in West
  2. There are Sitellu Tali Urang Julu subdistrict and Siempat Rube subdistrict in the East
  3. There are Pergetteng-getteng Sengkut subdistrict and Tinada subdistrict in the North
  4. There is Humbang Hasundutan subdistrict in the South




Need about 2 hours to reach the city of West Pakpak, which is we have to pass the hill complete with the sharp turns. So, if you pass this way, you should take more care in driving, considering there are precipices and ravine on the side of the road. Just have a look on above video.


West Pakpak is well-known with their mines and petroleum. Stones, mines and tins we can find lots here, as well as the rice, coffee seed, rubber tree, cocoa, and oil palm. The most popular are patchouli and “gambir”.

waterfall in west Pakpak  West Pakpak "Visit Huta" team at West Pakpak

West Pakpak Resort Area


West Pakpak is one of the young regency, but it has many potentially natural attractions on every regions, as well as the culture the citizens have.


One of the natural attraction places is a waterfall, while there is Mejan, an ancient artifact as the relic cultural. Beside that place, Gobatak team has visited many places in West Pakpak. Just follow our coverage about this Visit Huta 2012 tour.

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