Two German Joint “Swim to Share”, Acrossed Toba Lake for Funding Sopo Belajar


Not the indigenous only attracted to the effort in building Learning House in Samosir. There are two foreigner attracted about this event. They are Germany, Annette Horschmann and Thomas Heinle. Their participation in this event is worth to be pride for Bataknese, especially those live in Samosir.  
Annette Horschmann led the acrossing by swimming since the first time from start line to the finish line, Pantai Bebas Parapat-Toledo Inn. She took 4.5 hours only to finish the route, with about 9 km far.

“Of course this event should be supported. Moreover, this is held to help in establishing the Learning House for kids in Samosir,” said her. She has decided to join this event since Togu Simorangkir told her about this. Not stop until that, she asked her friend, Thomas Heinle, a German, to join and support this event.

Annette at Berenang untuk berbagi  Thomas, one of the German, participant of Berenang untuk Berbagi n designer of  Solar Boat solar boat, designed by Thomas, participant of berenang Untuk berbagi

At that time, Thomas Heinle (49) introduced us Solu Solar, a small boat that he made himself. This boat is designed with green-concept and be friendly with the environment. This boat is the first solar boat in Toba Lake. At the event, this solar boat was used to accompany the participants along the event.

At that opportunity, he asked everybody to turn to the alternative energy, such as solar. “Besides frugal, this boat is not noisy too,” said him smiley.

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