Tour around Sibandang Island while sunbathing on the boat


Sunbathing on the beach or the lake has been common done by foreign tourist or locals. But if it’s done on a boat while enjoying the scenery around Sibandang Island is wonderful. It is one more tourism potential that should be developed in the area of Toba Lake. Gobatak team had been surveyed this location while touring around the region of Muara, Bakara and Sibandang Island.

Sibandang Island is a little island which is located at Toba Lake next to Samosir Island. This island is also known as mango fruit producer.  The mango trees grow lush almost at the entire Sibandang Island and produce delicious and sweet fruits.

Sibandang Island is inhabited by about 800 households of four big clans which are Oppusunggu, Simaremare, Siregar and Rajagukguk. This island ever been published by Gobatak as “Sibandang Island, The Next Paradise”.

Pulau Sibandang is also well-known as producer of delicious and sweet mango. The main livelihood of people who live in this island is farming mango and vegetables. In this Island there is a traditional market -or in Batak Language called Onan- which is held every Thursday in Muara Nauli. Many trading activities happen in this traditional market and some also sell snacks such as Gomak noodles. After surrounding the island, it’s very appropriate if ended by enjoying breakfast at the Muara while Onan is being held.

It needs about an hour to surround Sibandang Island by a motor boat while enjoying the view and watching the activities of local people there. Gobatak team suggested that tour around the island by boat is preferably done in the morning at 08.00 am up to 12.00pm. To explore Sibandang Island is highly recommended on sunny morning on Thursday (because coinciding with the day of Onan)

Sibandang Island is a small island which is located opposite the island of Samosir with the extensive of island is approximately 1119 acres. Sibandang Island, Muara District, it’s only ten minutes from Muara harbor using a small boat.

Sibandang Island is located at an altitude approximately 1173 meters above sea level. It could be accessed from the town of Muara, Balige and Huta Nainggolan Samosir Island by motor boat.

*Cost/ Ticket
Boat rental rates estimated Rp. 200,000 per hour, Gobatak team used ‘Mario Tour’ motor boat at that time.

*Accommodations and Facilities
On an island which is surrounded by water of Toba Lake, here we could do some activities water sport such as parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, and swimming.  There are also some tourist places around the Island which can be reached in a short time, such as tour of Hero Cemetery of King Sisingamangaraja XI in Bakkara and panoramic tour in height at Sipincur and Hutaginjang. Besides, Sibandang Island is also close to the Silangit Airport, a small airport, within approximately 11 Kilometers.

Near from Sibandang Island there are some places of accommodation such as Hotels, Guest houses which are located at Muara District

Gobatak’s video documentation when the traveling around Sibandang Island on ‘Mario Tour’ motor boat. (maria sirait/


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