Togu Simorangkir: Five Times Got Nerves Pain For Fund Collecting For Education


Parapat-You may think this Togu Simorangkirs action is a litle crazy. And actually, you are right. Gather with 4 participants, he acrossed Toba Lake on Saturday, 21 of July 2012. He did it for getting fund to build the Sopo Belajar in Samosir. Among those participants, there are 2 of them are Germany, Annette Horschmann (44) and Thomas Heinle (49). Beside of them, there are 2 others,  Fitri Gultom-the youngest one- and Ronald Gembira Manurung.   
That event started from Pantai Bebas Parapat at 07.30am. And since that, the five participants had sensed the cold of the water. Even Togu Simorangkir could feel it. “What a cold water!” Togu said.

Three hours later, they had different formations. They got fatigue. Firstly, they formed 2 grups, and at last, there are 5 forms. That condition forced the resque team to keep on more focuss and needed hard effort to accompany them.

At the fourth hours, Resque commanded to raise Togu Simorangkir up to the ship. He was geeting nerves pain on his foot. Immediately, medical team help him. “This is the fifth time for me getting nerves pain during swimming. I have sensed it since many times ago.” It was for about 10 minutes he got medical service till Thomas Heinl got the same problem. Thomas got nerves pain and burnt on his back skin.

participants-nerves pain-foot-resque Togu Simorangkir-nerves pain-resque

It didn’t need long time for them getting medical service. Not so long, Thomas Heinl jumped into the lake and continued swimming, following by Togu Simorangkir. They continued their efforts to reach the finish in Toledo Inn, TukTuk. This is not a competition, but all the participants tried to give their best and reach the finish line safety. Annette Horschmann became the first, and there is a man from TukTuk-Ronald Gembira Manurung, and then, there is Fitri Gultom. There is Togu Simorangkir as the fourth, while Thomas heinl as the last of them.

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