This is it.. Batak Ritual Procession in Batu Cawan Pusuk Buhit


Batu Sawan contained hand telleth Pusuk Buhit in district Sianjur Mulamula is one of cultural objects which is considered to be sacred. It considered sacred because historically, this is the place that Batak people believe that King Uti stayed. And it is believed that originally the kings who lived in the Pusuk Buhit made this place for their Holiness bathing place.

Around 1996 the place is found by Limbong from his dream. Having traced a flow of water which emerges from the soil surface that flows from the rocks crossed the Ridge makes the small waterfall into a rock shaped like a saucer. And then effectively this place is believed to be holy places and sacred ceremonies venues used.

There is the uniqueness of this place, where the water is flowing until proven Batu Sawan has a flavor. Unlike ordinary water, water in Batu Sawan it feels like the water that was given the lime juice and naturally fresh. Batu Sawan believed the water can cure diseases.

Batak people who lived in the area called it a blessing water. This place is one of the goals of the Batak carry out rituals. This place is definitely crowded as the place to hold a ritual event, both originating from the local surrounding communities, even from abroad for the pilgrimage.

Batak Ritual procession in Batu Sawan
There are some terms if you want to visit and make a pilgrimage to the saucer Stone (stone sawan). Betel leaf or demban and optioning lime, rest all course of the ritual will be guided gatekeeper venue by Ama Dapot Limbong. For about 30 minutes distance traveled through a footpath to Batu Sawan. Of course the main preparation is the physical readiness due to the uphill route that will be passed. As well as the readiness of heart, sincere and bought.

Arriving at the location of Batu Sawan, gatekeeper in this case is A. Dapot Limbong will prepare everything, from black clothes, wearing ulos and rail (sarong). Visitors will follow the ritual first provide offerings (money) and also bought a course, then each visitor will be given demban (betel leaves) to be held.

Gatekeeper will start with pray the intents and purposes that visitors have notified to Gatekeeper before. He does it by calling Sumangot Ni Ompu Was So Nabolon (Almighty God) in order that the wishes and prayers will be condoned.

The ritual’s duration depends on the intents of the visitors is that will be delivered. In the end of the ceremony, the gatekeeper will end his prayer as well as suggest to visitors say each prayer (prayer requests)/extra), then put the demban (leaf series) to the top of the stone in the small place courtesy of the tandok.

Lime juice mixed with water that comes from Batu Sawan which also laid out with tandok of offerings, drink to taste. But it is not a compulsion to drink water the lime juice. It all depending your wishes and tastes of each. It was only after the prayer ritual “Marsuap” visitors are advised or wash your face at the edge of the saucer Stone – is not allowed to enter into the saucer Stone (stone sawan) for Marsuap or bath.

Thus it is roughly a short procession of prayer ritual event Batu Sawan, for more details you can see the videos in these special reports.

Special coverage of the Video by is the visits of Yetty Aritonang with family (husband and Kid) from Paris-France, with James Pakpahan (England) and Namboru Harianja (Vanesha Hotel) July 2011.
Where previously, it was the second times Yetty Aritonang visited Batu Sawan after last February 2011.



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