The Uniqueness of Pearung Island on Samosir Island


The panoramic beauty of Samosir Island has been known by the people around the world. The Island which is surrounded by the biggest Lake in the world, Toba Lake, makes Samosir Island becomes a tourist object which is in high demand by tourists who visit Indonesia. Other than its beautiful landscape, it’s also rich with local indigenous culture fused into a tourist attraction for local and foreign tourist for vacation.

There is a uniqueness that is found on Samosir Island which is unknown by tourists, even the locals themselves. Pearung Island is a little island that located on Samosir Island. Gobatak team called it “An Island above the Island”, yes that title is appropriate to be given to this Island.

Pearung Islanda


The uniqueness of Pearung Island which is located on Samosir Island has been phenomenal. This island which covers about as wide as football yard could move at certain time.

Even it’s become local’s beliefs that when this island moves from one side to another it is believed as a guide and direction to start farming. This not so big- island overgrown by lots of marsh plants such as water ferns and other plants. The island is also overgrown with a pine tree that has been aged more than 20 years and it’s become the core sign of the island or the head of Pearung Island.

Pearung Island Lake is also has another uniqueness that is weird fish. This weird fish – as called by local people who have seen them while fishing in this lake – has unusual shape like fish in general, looked like burned in its whole body. Besides, the buffalos which approach the lake do not drink the water of the Pearung Lake, but the water becomes drink water resources distributed to the two nearest villages. Until now there has been no specific research about this island, either about the depth of the lake, water resources, or research of why and how the island could move.


It’s never known when and how this Island could move. According to the information gotten from local people who mentioned that Pearung Island moves when rain come down. The process of the moving is very rarely to be witnessed by the people who live around the island because they are fear it could be a bad sign for them, as they told.

Pearung's Island

This photo is a result of the comparison with satellite images from Google Maps


Pearung Island is located between Huta Lumban Naganjang and nearby Huta Parnakohan Lumban Suhi – Samosir Island, could be reached by car or motorcycle about an hour from Parbaba Lumban Suhi crossroad.


Pearung Island could be reached by motorcycle, car and by walking (about 2 hours). The road that will be passed some are paved roads, cobblestone and dirt roads as well as through several villages.

*Cost/ Ticket*

For the funds you spend depends on the thickness of your wallet of course. If want to be more efficient while exercising you should walk to enjoy the panorama of Lake Toba and Mount Pusuk Buhit with friends of yours. You just need to give some money voluntarily to the locals that will give the information about the Island.

*Accommodations and Facilities*

There are no sellers of soft drinks and shelter in this location. For that we recommend you to use a hat or an umbrella to prevent your skin burned due to heat of the sun. Conversely, you should prepare a raincoat so your belongings do not get wet when it rains.

Here’s reporting video that we make while visiting this place:

(rewritten by: Maria S/Gobatak)

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